Jessica SolomonBrand & Type Designer 

My name is Jessica Solomon and I’m a brand & type designer. I’m originally from Washington State, based in Frankfurt, Germany  and I’m working internationally.

I am a passionate communications designer specializing in branding, web, packaging, print, and social media design. With a keen eye for Gen-Z style and bold aesthetics, I create distinctive brand identities and engaging visuals. My work blends contemporary trends with innovative concepts to tell compelling brand stories.

In addition to my work on commissioned projects, I also work on a lot of self-initiated projects that let me experiment, connect, and push boundaries.

Selected Clients: Good Energy Project, Food for Climate League, REI*, Feel Good Action*, Marcus X Tattoo, Auto Shepherds*, Beacon Brands*, Berczy, Kor Architects*, Black Cooperative Impact Fund*, Wunderground*, Chateau St. Michelle*, Viera Counseling

Together with Season*


Dipl.-Designer, HfG Offenbach
Tiny Tummy

Role: Designer, Copywriter

Tiny Tummy is a conceptual all-natural, organic baby food company dedicated to providing parents with nourishing food items for their little ones. 

The Tiny Tummy wordmark is hand-drawn for a soft, human feel and it's paired with a bright and inviting color palette. Silly, line illustrations were introduced to draw the attention of both the parents and the children. 

I also tried my hand at copywriting for this project and created some cute, memorable taglines that supported the brand values.