Jessica SolomonBrand & Type Designer 

My name is Jessica Solomon and I’m a brand & type designer. I’m originally from Washington State, based in Frankfurt, Germany  and I’m working internationally.

I am a passionate communications designer specializing in branding, web, packaging, print, and social media design. With a keen eye for Gen-Z style and bold aesthetics, I create distinctive brand identities and engaging visuals. My work blends contemporary trends with innovative concepts to tell compelling brand stories.

In addition to my work on commissioned projects, I also work on a lot of self-initiated projects that let me experiment, connect, and push boundaries.

Selected Clients: Good Energy Project, Food for Climate League, REI*, Feel Good Action*, Marcus X Tattoo, Auto Shepherds*, Beacon Brands*, Berczy, Kor Architects*, Black Cooperative Impact Fund*, Wunderground*, Chateau St. Michelle*, Viera Counseling

Together with Season*


Dipl.-Designer, HfG Offenbach
REI Pathahead Ventures

Role: Designer
Additional Designers: Naia Doe, Jake Stoumbous
Creative Director: Summer Karaskova
REI commissioned Season, a design studio based in Seattle, to create the visual identity for a new initiative called Pathahead Ventures. REI recognized the lack of people of color in the outdoor space and set out a way to remedy this problem. Once the Season writing team created the project strategy and narrative, the design team set off to design the visual identity. The new identity needed to align with REI’s current guidelines, but it also needed to stand on its own.

    I was involved in all aspects of this project from the beginning. I helped with the creation of mood boards and illustrations and helped define new ways to use their existing color palette and typography system.